Sunday, 24 February 2008

McLaverty Short Story Award 2008

Here's a short story competition from the Linenhall in Belfast I hadn't heard of before.

Judges: Anne Tannahill, retired Managing Director of Blackstaff Press and Carlo Gébler, novelist and short story writer (he really gets around, judging must pay OK)

Prize: £2,000

Fee: £5 or 10 Euro - no cash so for Euro payers without a UK cheque accounts, that's a bit steep.

Deadline: 30th June 2008

Rules: Irish writers (born in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland) over eighteen years of age. So not foreign born people living in Ireland nor Irish people born abroad? Bit iffy if you ask me.

3,000 words max.

Other usual rules about publishing and anonymity.

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Catherine said...

I was going to try for this one (having missed the Brian Moore awards deadline), but I hadn't noticed that it was Irish-born only (I live in the North, but I'm not native). I'm a bit miffed, actually, and I don't really see why they have that restriction.