Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Arts Council Bursaries

These are the lucky recipients of the arts council bursaries. Some well known names and some new ones (for me)
Not me though. What does an emerging writer have to do to get some arts council money? Maybe I didn't ask for enough.

Claire Kilroy Multi-annual bursary. €45,000 awarded over 3 years: €15,000 in 2008, €15,000 in 2009 and €15,000 in 2010 Fingal County Council

David Wheatley United Kingdom €10,000 (Wonder why the English arts council doesn't fund him?)

Eoghan Walls Meath County Council €5,000 (Wonder why the Arts Council NI don't fund him?)

Julia Kelly Multi-annual bursary. €30,000 awarded over 2 years: €15,000 in 2008 and €15,000 in 2009. Wicklow County Council (Never heard of her of her book)

Leo Cullen Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council €8,500

Martina Evans United Kingdom €7,000 (She's already had a grant from the Arts Council of England. She must be doing something right. I've never heard of her.)

Mia Gallagher Dublin City Council €8,500

Mike McCormack Multi-annual bursary. €25,000 awarded over 2 years: €15,000 in 2008 and €10,000 in 2009. Galway County Council

Oran Ryan Dublin City Council €8,000

Philip O Ceallaigh Romania €12,000

Richard Tillinghast South Tipperary County Council €7,000

Selina Guinness Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council €8,000

Susan Carleton Cavan County Council €15,000 (no links)

Valerie Sirr Fingal County Council €600


English Mum said...

Hang on, she's already published - what the bloody hell does she need 45 grand for??

And where do I apply?!

Emerging Writer said...

absolutely. She should go halves with me. Next closing date is early next year. They offered 76 out of 373 applications from February, most in Visual arts and English language literature

speculator said...

Susan Carleton has a blog at

And anyone interested in Arts & Culture from Dublin to Donegal should join Studio-NI ...

good luck!