Monday, 28 July 2008

More blogs

More blogs worth a browse:

Eimear writes at 12 stories, 12 months. She has a story in the July Sunday Tribune.

David Halpert writes about A Writers Life in Toronto.

The Anti-Room blogs about living the life in Dublin.

Cherryl Floyd-Miller is a US poet.

Dreaming Arm comments on the world from his blog.

Elizabeth Baines writes fiction.

Faoiseamh blogs Irish tales from tulipland.

Vanessa has lovely drawings at A Fanciful Twist.

The poet Ailbhe Darcy blogs at glumphoboo (why the name?)

Liz Shine: Writer in the US. has articles on movies including some freebies.

Liz blogs about poetry and life in Spain on Musings.

New Pages reviews literary magazines in the US and has a good blog.

On a Small Island blogs on writing and living on a small island on the edge of Europe.

Pete's Seriouser Poems and check out his many other blogs too.

Positive Boredom does a little bit of ranting here.

Rana Dasgupta who is judging this year's Willesden Herald short story competition.

She is Too Fond of Books blogs about reading and has some book reviews.

Rosie posts about Dublin in Spanish Exposition.

Steven Waling discusses any things related to poetry.

Three Beautiful Things records 3 beautiful, inspiring things every post.

Welcome to Talksville - population one where Fionnula blogs from Surrey.


Susan said...

AGH! I was about to sign off and get some actual housework done...but some of those look too good to pass by (a few more minutes won't hurt---famous last words!)

B said...

Wow... almost all of them feature people that can actually write(quite possibly all since I don't know most the others).

Maybe I can become something like the Dan Brown guilty pleasure of blogs.

BarbaraS said...

Great selection! More reasons to procrastinate...

Tania Hershman said...

Oh yes, thanks for giving me more fodder for procrastination! I second your choice of Elizabeth Baines, New pages and Three Beautiful Things, all great reads. Thanks.

Ailbhe said...

Hi there, thanks for the mention. "Glumphoboo" is a word coined by Virginia Woolf in her novel Orlando. I have (sort of) explained why I called the blog Glumphoboo here:

xx Ailbhe

Emerging Writer said...

I knew there'd be a reason Ailbhe

Liz said...

Emerging writer, thanks for the mention...and the mine of continual interesting info you have here...a pure life line...enjoyed the Matt youtube too : )

BLUE said...

thank you so much for mentioning me here. and thank you for being a great *consumer* of writing.