Thursday, 17 July 2008

Residency at the Friary in Multyfarnham

I'm not sure what degree of engagement the friars are thinking of but this sounds intersting if your August is not booked.

The Franciscan Friary in Multyfarnham, Westmeath is running a second Residency Programme of a fortnight’s duration, due to begin on Monday 18 August 2008. The Friars are offering free accommodation and studio space to artists, writers, performers, ecologists, etc, who are willing to engage with the Franciscan community and discuss ideas and plans for their development of a 'Caring For Creation’ centre. The Friary is set on over 60 acres of land and has a building, once an agricultural college, containing several spacious well-lit rooms and a small theatre which may be used by successful applicant(s) for the period of residency.

This invitation is not limited to individuals from any one gender or belief system...the Friars welcome expressions of interest from all who feel that they would care to participate. Further information:

Fr Joe Walsh
T: 044 9371641
or Paul Timoney


PJ Nolan said...

That sounds pretty cool, actually. I don't know much about the Friars but the whole area around Multy has a magical and spiritual vibe. Lough Derravaragh is close by, where the Children of Lir spent their first 300 years as swans.

B said...

If they promoted this rightly they could get tons of great young foreign artists and things over there.

The idea's great, wonder how the execution will be though.

Emerging Writer said...

300 year old swans and a community of friars - says serene to me

Emerging Writer said...

With an luck, the resident will let us know themselves. Please fee free to post a comment if you know

BarbaraS said...

You know I'd give all of my teeth, never mind my eye-teeth for some peace and quiet. This sounds such a remarkable place to go and write.

Emerging Writer said...

but then you'd have to eat mush for the rest of your life or clack your dentures in the corner...