Monday, 21 July 2008

Faber Academy

More of the theme of expensive creative writing courses.
Faber are running their own using big hitter names. They're starting in Paris.

Thursday 9 October to Sunday 12 October 2008 at Shakespeare and Company, 37 Rue de la Bûcherie. (Have you ever been there? Iconic bookshop. I have a photo at an earlier post.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T or How to Tell a Story Without Telling Your Readers What to Think.
Given by Tobias Hill and Jeanette Winterson, both experienced creative writing teachers as well as well regarded writers.

Set over four days in the charming upstairs library of the legendary Left Bank Paris bookshop, Shakespeare and Company, Tobias Hill gives the inaugural Faber Academy course, an in-depth workshop for those beginning or in the process of writing a novel. In addition, the course will contain a unique two-part seminar on the importance of authenticity and voice in fiction by multi prize-winning novelist, Jeanette Winterson. It includes lunch.

Course cost: £500 / €630 (price inclusive of VAT)

More are planned to follow in other cities such as London, Edinburgh and Dublin.

Still very expensive though.

By the way, Faber, if you're reading this, Clare Wigfall who won this year's BBC National Short Story Award for her story 'The Numbers' but her collection is called 'The Loudest Sound and Nothing' not 'Walk the Blue Fields' which is Claire Keegan. Claire won the Edge Hill Short Story collection. Congratulations.

The faber & faber website is well worth a browse by the way. And Youtube films. Faber are using the internet quite imaginatively.


Frederick said...

Has anyone actually done the Faber Academy course? It's very expensive so am trying to understand if it was useful and if it helps finding a publishing contract? thanks all !

vanessa said...

Exactly. I have been offered a place but cannot afford it without going into debt. Is it worth that much?

Emerging Writer said...

There's a big question. Is it worth it? I think you should ask someone who's been. Ask around.
And look at the alternatives.
You could find a really supportive writing group that pushes you.
And sign up for a couple of weekly or weekend courses with a good teacher.
(And spend the time saved writing!)