Friday, 4 July 2008


Come and see my etchings.
If you are anyway interested in Rembrandt, make a beeline for the exhibition in the Chester Beatty Library. Etchings from the Rembrandthuis in Amsterdam. There are also some of his paintings in the National Gallery.

When: now to 14 September 2008

In the modern world Rembrandt Van Rijn’s reputation rests largely on his magnificent paintings, which are amongst the most treasured possessions of the great art museums of the world. Like Albrecht Dürer before him, he was not just a great painter but also a graphic artist of outstanding ability. He was a dedicated draughtsman of the highest skill and printmaker of enormous inventiveness and verve. In his lifetime his reputation was spread far and wide by the quality of his prints, which were avidly collected.

The Rembrandthuis in Amsterdam (Museum het Rembrandthuis) not only preserves the house where Rembrandt lived when he was at the height of his fame and fortune but it is also a centre for the collection, preservation and study of Rembrandt’s works and especially of his etchings and dry points. The Chester Beatty Library holds an important collection of European prints, including those produced in the 18th Century by the Irishman, Captain Baillie which exploited some of the surviving Rembrandt plates.

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