Saturday, 9 August 2008

Call for Submissions on birds

Submission call for poetry on the theme of birds:

Adele Nozedar is a published author currently working on my 3rd book, called Birds of the Celtic Otherworld. It's a look at bird symbolism in Celtic myths, legends and folktales, and Adele is keen to use poetry in the book. Adele will send a copy of the book to anyone who gets a poem chosen. If you have a suitable poem please email directly to Adele at

Deadline:August 21st 2008


podpilot said...

Hello EW. Have you been following the progress of the next Mitchelstown/Trevor prize? According to

The organising committee of Mitchelstown Literary Society, of which William Trevor is a patron, is pleased to announce that there will be an International Short Story Competition in 2008 which will be known as The Mitchelstown Short Story Prize. Full details will be available on our new website from 1st. June 2008.

But is currently vacant--or as good as.

Women Rule Writer said...

Thanks for the heads up on the bird poems. I have just the poem!