Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Yet More blogs and websites that have interested me

Have a dip into this pool of blogging diversions and why not leave a comment to let them know what you think. Comments are nice.

4 day movie show a movie in Dublin in guess how many days?

10 gnomes, a curiously addictive game.

Asian Writer is a site for Asian Writers in the UK and includes an interview with Sukhraj Kaur Randhawa who won the Orange /Harper’s Bazaar Short Story Competition 2008.

Baby Got Books is a US group blog sharing book related news.

Caribous Mom blogs book reviews, mainly US based.

Beautiful libraries at Curious Expeditions

The Elegant Variation blogs about books and writers.

Lanes Write writes in Southern England.

Legend Press has a very specific short story competition here.

Literary Minded is where Angela Meyer blogs about the Australian Literary Scene.

Men With Pens multi-blog

The poet Heidi Lynn Staples blogs at Mildred's Umbrella.

Julia Cohen blogs on the messier side of neat.

Miss Write lots of writing secrets and tips. Worth a dip.

David King blogs at the recommended Pics and poems.

Poet Casting has lots of poets reading their own work.

Poets on Fire notes live poetry performances in UK and Ireland.

Quire and Quill is a really good blog about the Canadian Literary scene. Sounds tremendously busy.

Salon.com Literary Guide to the World is an eclectic tour.

Scottish Poetry Library Reading Room has some favourite poems by well known and discerning poets.

Stony River Farm is a good blog about writing.

Photos from the Streets of Dublin


The poet Rob Mack blogs at Surroundings

Write Out Loud is dedicated to participation and performance poetry.


Susan said...

A very bookmarkable list, thanks!

I'm starting to enjoy poetry as something performance-related and interactive, so I'm off to see those sites first.

The gnomes just seem a bit dangerous for someone with as little discipline as I've had lately...

miss write said...

Hey thanks for the mention! By the way, I'm having a nerdy contest over at my blog (www.miss-write.com). In case you're interested, just drop by and join. :D You won't have much competition anyway. It turns out not a lot of people are enticed by books, even signed ones.