Sunday, 24 August 2008

More from the Arts Council

New Work Award Recipients announced. This time one literature award. Seriously, how's an emerging writer supposed to manage? It's enough to turn one to visual arts (as if!)

Asylum Productions Arts participation Cork City Council €50,000

Bui Bolg Ltd Street art Wexford County Council €25,000

Burke, Karl Visual arts Dublin City Council €5,000

Canell, Nina Visual arts Dublin City Council €21,660

Collins, Pat Film Galway City Council €40,000

Contemporary Music Centre Ltd Music Dublin City Council €22,598

Cranitch, Ellen Music Dublin City Council €27,900

Crazy Dog Audio Theatre Company Theatre Dublin City Council €25,795

Delaney, Anita Film Dublin City Council €23,500

Doyle, Eamonn Music Dublin City Council €30,000

Fuzzy Logic Ensemble Music Dublin City Council €34,930

Junk Ensemble Dance Dublin City Council €46,550

Kids' Own Pblshng P'ship Ltd Young people children and the arts Sligo County Council

Kinsale Arts Week Spectacle Cork City Council €15,000

Limerick Youth Theatre Young people children and the arts Limerick City Council €5,000

Lovett, Louis Theatre Dublin City Council €12,900

Lynch, Sean Visual arts Kerry County Council €42,000

Mac Erlaine, Sean Music Dublin City Council €8,095

MacMullan, Philip Music Dublin City Council €10,920

McCormick, Chantal Circus Mayo County Council €50,000

McKeown, John Opera Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council €47,500

O'Brien / DOBZ, David Visual arts Cork City Council €15,100

O'Brien, Regan Theatre Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council €13,316

O'Sullivan, Tadhg Film Dublin City Council €26,500

Playgroup Theatre Cork City Council €17,000

Randolf SD/The Company Theatre Dublin City Council €35,325

Roche, Cathal Music Sligo County Council €9,000

Rossi Anneli, Pia Arts participation Dublin City Council €8,790

Roth, Nick Music Dublin City Council €15,490

Stewart, Mark Literature (English language) Cork County Council

thisispopbaby Theatre Dublin City Council €23,465

Turrisi, Francesco Music Dublin City Council €3,000

Upstate Theatre Project Ltd Arts participation Louth County Council €8,000

Whelan, Fiona Young people children and the arts South Dublin County Council €10,000

Whelan, Michael-John Visual arts Germany €9,975

Wright, Daphne Visual arts Longford County Council €45,000


Susan said...

Hey, sounds like a challenge to me.

The 'New Work' award might be particularly difficult for a literary project, but well, we're creative geniuses---right?

Maybe next year's our year?

BarbaraS said...

Maybe writers aren't applying. From what I've seen of the AC application forms, it's pretty complicated. 'New Work,' is hard to classify, Susan's right, especially for a writer.

Emerging Writer said...

We don't know if writers are applying. The figures of applicantions v grants awarded aren't released by category.