Friday, 15 August 2008

Crannog Magazine Submissions sought

Crannog Magazine based in Galway, has been going a while. Here's one I really ought to enter. There's time to get something out there.

Deadline: autumn issue, 1 September. Due out mid October 2008.

Poems should be under 50 lines.
Fiction should be under 2000 words.
You can look at old issues online to get an idea of what they prefer.
If you submitted for the last issue, don't submit for this issue. That's quite a good idea. More magazines should take up that condition.


Debs said...

Thanks for posting this, I shall take a look.

Best of luck with your submission.

PJ Nolan said...

yep, a fine mag with a very solid heritage. Just to clarify, the restriction on submitting again is only if you've been PUBLISHED in the previous issue (as opposed to just submitted to it). :)

Emerging Writer said...

Well that makes a HUGE difference. I thought they just wanted to decrease the amount of submissions by stopping people submitting the same poem (with a different title) over and over again.!