Saturday, 24 October 2009


I was thinking about going on an Arvon Course. There's a lovely sounding one on poetry starting 9th November called Stage and Page with tutors Francesca Beard and the rather dishy Luke Wright. It's residential in Lumb Bank, but guess how much it costs?
£525 for a shared room.

Who can afford that sort of money? Not an impoverished poet such as myself. Do they only tutor people who are loaded/don't have mortgages and children at college?

They do have small bursaries they offer to the financially straitened (Sp?) but still, it's a lot. Are you supposed to compare it to the cost of a week's holiday, maybe?

Do they have last minute special offers? They still have places.

Perhaps they offer them to bloggers who blog about how wonderful an environment it is?

Here's a spot on guide at Strictly Writing to writing workshop attenddees. Which one are you?


Lily Sheehan said...

Listening to you on radio now!! (well was - its the adverts now)

I suppose the closest would be Lit chick. I have a novel written (well draft 1 anyway) and I would hope it would be an instant best seller!

That is really expensive - and for a shared room!

Emerging Writer said...

Thanks Lily. Hope it was enjoyable and interesting for you and I didn't make a complete fool of myself!

And yes, isn't it expensive? The tutors are often very good though.

Michael Farry said...

I was at a course in Lumb Bank two or three years ago. Wonderful - a retreat from the world for a week (almost). Expensive though and their grants and bursaries are for UK residents only.