Sunday, 18 October 2009

Scott Prize for a Short Story Collection

Salt Publishing also publish a lot of shirt story collections. I would worry how well they are marketed and sold, particularly outside the UK. Anyone got any experience in this? You can't rely selling online only, I think.

I can't see that this was run before, no list of previous winners. Do check first if it is really running this year in this currect economic climate.

The Scott Prize for Short Stories deadline is fast approaching.

Deadline: 31st October 2009

The Walter Scott Prize winners will receive synchronous publication in hardback in the UK and Australia and in paperback in the USA by Salt. There will be up to four winners each year. Winners will be issued with a standard publishing contract from Salt.

45,000 words in length total.

Manuscripts must include a table of contents and a list of acknowledgments for stories previously published. The first page must include a biographical note of not more than 80 words. Your name, address, phone number and email address should appear on the title page of your manuscript.

The Scott Prize is judged by members of the Board of Salt Publishing. Manuscripts are not read anonymously. Manuscripts may be screened by Salt staff.

Fee: £18


Anonymous said...

Publication is a pretty cool prize. I'd love to enter this, but I'd need another four or five stories to bring my collection up to the word count. How about you, Kate?

Emerging Writer said...

I think I'd need another couple of stories. I'll have to add them up...

OK I have about 30,000 words. I could beef them up but not that much!

Tania Hershman said...

Hi Kate, this is the first year Salt have run this prize. I'm a Salt author, and my book is published worldwide as well as the UK and Australia. Salt make beautiful, beautiful books, but the marketing is mostly down to the authors. I wasn't based in the UK or the US so I had to do a lot online and things seems to have gone very well. I don't have sales figures yet, though, but I think these days, whichever publisher you are with, the author has to do a lot of "legwork", whether in person or virtually! I highly recommend Salt, they really love their authors and care passionately about great writing. Good luck!

Emerging Writer said...

Thanks for that Tania. I'd be interested to know what your sales figures are like after your online campaign. Did they pay you any advance?