Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Forward Prize

Have you ever read or heard any Don Paterson poems? I heard him the other day on the radio, reading a poem he'd written to his son when his son asked him what he did. Called Why do you stay up so late. It was in this Saturday's Guardian too. Lovely poem. Lovely sounding man too, a Scot.

He's just won the Forward prize for his poetry collection, "Rain" which means he has now won all 3 Forward prizes, single poem and first collection.


Uiscebot said...

That's a beautiful poem EW. I'm printing it out to show it to my kids. Thanks.

Niamh Griffin said...

What a beautiful picture - you just want to grab the pebbles and hold them. They look so warm!

Glynis said...

I enjoy his work too. I love the poem.