Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Poetic Republic Poetry Prize 2012

This competition has a novel way of judging. All participants have to judge (or they are excluded).
  • Round 1, all poems are in the mix. Every participant has to read 12 and select 4 with a short comment on why. Tuesday 1st May to Saturday 12th May
  • Round 2. 20% from round 1 go through. Every participant has to read 12 again and select 4 with a short comment on why. Tuesday 15th May to Saturday 26th May
  • Round 3 is 12 sortlisted poems from Round 3. All entrants (including the shortlisted entrants) are free to choose whether they participate in the judging. Shortlisted entrants will be unable to rate their own poems. Tuesday 5th June to Saturday 16th June
You don't get to judge your own poem. You get to read comments on your poem at the end.

Entries must not exceed 42 lines (not including title or blank lines). 

Deadline midnight (UK time) 30th April 2012

£7.00 per entry


Single poem prize £2,000
Portfolio prize (two poems) £1,000
The two prizes may be awarded to the same person.
Qualification for the portfolio prize requires two or more entries. Where more than 2 entries are made the two most highly rated poems will be considered the "portfolio."

The prize winners will be announced in October 2011.
This year, for the first time, they will produce a digital eBook publication featuring the best work from the prize. This will be a first of its kind co-created publication where the act of taking part accomplishes the editorial process.

Link here

I might enter just to see how it works.

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