Friday, 30 March 2012

Power flash fiction competition

In this Saturday's Irish Times (except my copy didn't have a magazine so I had to go and find it on facebook)
  • Entrants must submit a 450 word short story based on the theme:
    "Celebrating what truly matters".
  • Closing Date of entries is April 17th.
  • The judging panel comprises of ...
    • Orna Mulcahy
    • Shane Hegarty
    • Eileen Battersby
    • Roisin Ingle
    • Bernice Harrison
    • Gary Quinn
    • Madeleine Lyons
  • Winner will be announced and published on May 26th in the
    Irish Times Magazine. Prize includes:
    Publication of winner's Short Story in the Irish Times Magazine.
    Publication of winner's Short Story in Volume 2 of the Powers Irish Whiskey Short Story Collection.
    All proceeds of this book go to The Hospice Foundation.
Why did we choose the theme ‘Celebrating what truly matters’?
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Powers has always been woven into the heart of true Irish community. With a bottle pride of place in every Irish home, Powers has traditionally been the accompanying toast to mark all of life's occasion's - from the seemingly small to the highly significant.
Building on this heritage and within the background of the great sociological changes that have swept the country we wanted to create an outlet for people to champion these moments of life through that quintessential Irish written form - the short story.
By allowing people to share and create stories around this theme we hoped to create a forum for the Ireland and the Irish of today to express & celebrate what truly matters to them.

You can read some of the winning entries from last year's competition on facebook here to get an idea of what they are looking for.


Words A Day said...

thats so much money isnt it?


At least you don't have to mention whiskey!

I think the money could have been put to better use, personally. 5 x €2000, or some such.

Emerging Writer said...

I think the money spread is badly thought out. Only benefits one person. But it's free to enter.

Justin Sayings said...

Sneak Preview of the Winning Entry here: