Friday, 12 October 2007

5th Smurfit Samhain International Poetry Competition

Here's a poetry competition that hasn't received much publicity this year. The less publicity, the fewer entries so statistically, the greater chance of YOU winning!

Deadline: 23rd October 2007
Entry Fee: 10 Euro per poem, 3 for 20 Euro. Other currencies on website.
Judge: Cathal Ó Searcaigh plus 2 unnamed
Rules: Not previously published nor have won any competition. Anonymous.
Prizes: 1st 4,000 Euro,
2nd : Set of 10 Framed Embroidered Poems Signed by Cathal Ó Searcaigh Valued €750
3rd : Donegal Derryveagh hand cut crystal valued €500
4th : Maggie Dans handmade Gaelic Pottery valued €250
and 6 certificates of merit.
The only prize worth here is 1st. The rest I'd pay not to have.


Terence McDanger said...

Hi, where can I get a copy of the story you had published recently, I'd like to read it! Is it online anywhere or somewhere on the blog?

Emerging Writer said...

Hi Terrence, It's not available online. The Sunday Tribune don't seem to put it on their website and I am reluctant to post it myself for fear of stealing. I don't if that's paranoid of me but you don't often see stories online.

Terence McDanger said...

No probs, best of luck with the other projects you have going on anyway. Perhaps I'll be able to pick up your first published collection some day!

Emerging Writer said...

Here are the results.
Results of 5th Smurfit Samhain International Poetry Competition 2007

The judges decided that there was not an overall winner and have distributed the prizes to the following poems;

Spanish to English
By Lidia B. Galvan (Spanish)

Owen Gallagher (Scots/Irish)

By Jamie Edgecombe (English)

By Kathryn Daily (USA)

Dustbin Town
By Gustavo Barbosa ( Brazilian)

By Penelope Thoms (USA)

Michael Davitt

In memoriam
By Rita Kelly (Irish)

haibuneer said...

I won the haiku section, as you can see in the list above, but they NEVER SENT ME ANY PRIZE MONEY OR ANYTHING. They emailed me to tell me I had won 250 euros; then, again two months later saying they had got my address wrong or something...Five months later and starts to speculate about competitions like this, when you win...but actually win nothing at all!

Jamie Edgecombe

Emerging Writer said...

That's a bit worrying, all right. Have you tried to give them a call? If that doesn't work, I suggest you contact poetry Ireland or the Irish Writers Centre both of which I think publicised it.