Monday, 8 October 2007

Anyone recognise this short story?

From a lady in Nova Scotia (which is in Canada!)

I'm looking for a short story written by an Irish woman author and while I remember the story, I can't recall the title or author. The story is about a perfect wife who strays with a would-be lover, but everything goes horribly wrong with their intended tryst. Her mother and mother's best friend happen to be in the out-of-town restaurant where the lovers plan to meet. It's quite funny. I want to write a play based on this story and present it at the local university. Have you read this story? Any help you can offer would be most appreciated. I'm dying to write this but don't want to plagiarize. I want to be able to say that the play is based on this story by this author.

Thanks so much.


Karen said...

Dear Emerging Writer,
I can't help you with this short story, I'm afraid. However, I just wanted to post you a note to say congratulations on the publication of your own short story in The Sunday Tribune. That really is a huge achievement, and you shouldn't allow your disappointment over Poolbeg's rejection to take the gloss off your triumpth. Ciaran Carty is a legend, and the standard of the short stories he selects for the New Irish Writing page has been consistently high, so you should rightfully feel proud for being there.
I myself was first published in the Tribune some years ago with a short story called "Reunion" and have since gone on to have three novels published and successfully reviewed. Currently, my 3rd book - My Glass Heart - is No. 3 in the bestseller list, which I am thrilled about. Indeed, my first book - Seven Nights In Zaragoza - is part of The Irish Independent's current series on Irish Women Writers. I do believe that you mentioned it in one of your earlier posts - if I'm not mistaken, you referred to it as: Karen Gillece Seven Nights In Zaragoza (who?)
Well! I guess now you know who!
Wishing you much luck in your future endeavours, and luck in finding a home for your manuscript.
Best wishes,

Emerging Writer said...

Thanks for stopping by Karen and for your thoughtful comments! I'll have to pick up your book now. No 3 in the charts is excellent. Many congratulations.