Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Rejected again. Are they trying to tell me something

But let's start with the good news.

Sunday Tribune Irish Writing pages. This Sunday. Check it out. Me! My short story. I heard yesterday and was jumping up and down all day and telling anyone who would listen (and some who wouldn't)
then I got an email from my agent.

Poolbeg turned me down. Said my novel was too English. What does that mean? The main character is too English? Too English for what? Does the Irish readers market want their female protagonists to be Irish? And go for Irish guys? I thought it would be interested for Irish readers to read about Ireland and the Irish as seen through English eyes. Or am I too English? Can't do much about that. What should I do now? Make my characters Irish (it's possible, thinking about it but a lot of work.) Would it be worthwhile? Abandon it, assuming the English publishers who haven't said No yet, will also say No? I'm flummoxed. Gutted. I mean, Paula has to know the market but I really don't understand it.

So as you can understand, the gloss has gone off the Sunday Tribune short story before it's even published.


hellojed said...

Congratulations on your short story being published, that's brilliant!

(Poolbeg, Schmoolbeg)

Uiscebot said...

I second that - poolbeg shmoolbeg -Sure didn't our esteemed mentor with the beard warn us of that shower anyway. I personally think an English perspective on ireland would be very interesting right now.

Nothing should take the gloss of getting shortlisted in the Hennessys.

womagwriter said...

Well done on the short story pub! And bad luck on the novel.

My feeling is that a novel about the Irish through English eyes might do better with an English publisher. I'm married to an Irishman, and hence have a pile of Irish in-laws. I've written a couple of Irish-based stories, which have met with success here but got nowhere in Irish markets.

Better luck with the next agent/publisher.

Claire said...

Sorry you received a rejection.
Can't say a bad word about Poolbeg for obvious reasons - they've been a Godsend to me (and my second book has a large portion set in England!).
But I know the day will come when you get your big deal!

KAREN said...

That's great news about the short story! As for the novel...get submitting over here - Poolbeg's loss :o)