Saturday, 6 October 2007

More blogs to surf

As if you needed to spend any more time surfing....try these ones out.

Diary of an Unpublished Author will soon have to change her blog's name as she has a book deal.

Eoin Purcell's blog about publishing and books.

Novel Racers is a great group blog on all things writing.

PersonaNonData blogs mainly about publishing.

SallyQ blogs mainly about writing and dog grooming.

Red Mum rants and muses in Dublin.

Richard Charkin blog who recently moved from Macmillan as CEO to Director of Bloomsbury. Check out his entry on struggling writers 22 June 2007.

Sigla Blog is Sinead Geelson's blog about books and writing.

I thought I had already pointed to Susan Hill's blog about writing. She has a creative writing course.

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clairec23 said...

Hey, do you fancy a link exchange? My blog is aimed at helping new writer's (especially young writers on bebo) to promote and improve on their work.