Monday, 1 October 2007

More info on Miss Write competition

Here are the 5 runners up (no winner, remember)

Stacey Taylor, 24, from Cardiff, penned 'Sequel Opportunity', the tale of a former child actress choosing between normal life and showbiz.

Elisa McGarry, 23, from Winchester, wrote 'Playing Happy Families', about a woman's battle with fertility, infidelity and insistent old flames.

Gail Haslam, 33, from London, created Kate, the heroine of 'Miss Me?', who gave up her career for love, and wound up single and unemployed - before fighting back.

Nicola Brear, 23, from Barnsley, spun a Manhattan tale of restaurants, romance and riches in 'The Restaurant'.

Kristen Paul, 26, from Hampshire, plunged us into the scandalous world of baby modelling in 'I See You Baby'.

All very young. It seems there is a gap in the market for 20 year old authors writing about 20 year olds for 20 year olds. But by the time you've written something for this market, the gap will no doubt already be plugged.

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