Sunday, 9 September 2007

Another Rejection

I am despondent, running out of publishers who will recognise the quality of my novel and fall in love with it as quickly and deeply as my agent did. Transworld now rejected me too. They enjoyed reading it, they report, but didn't feel it would stand out from the crowd. What should I do to it to make it stand out from the crowd? Throw in an alien invasion? A suicide bomber? A treatise on illegal immigrant worker exploitation? I'm so fed up.
Transworld also own a huge number of imprints according to Writers and Artists Yearbook so does that mean they are all now closed to me and my lovely, witty, enjoyable read book? Or does each imprint have its own editor decide what it takes?


econgirl said...

I wish i could offer consolation, though to be honest I think even managing to finish a novel is a massive achievement in itself. It must be incredibly frustrating though, especially when such a large volume of absolute rubbish appearsto get published. I suppose it comes down to the difference between what's good and what's sellable, unfortunately the latter seems to be the only thing that counts. Keep going :)

Anne said...

Chin up, EW. Even the best (and sometimes the best-selling) novels often go through quite a few editorial rejections before landing upon the right desk. I just finished reading a terrific book that my agent shopped around to 47 U.S. editors (with repetitions within some of the same publishing houses; he's intrepid) before it got picked up -- and the editor who acquired it positively adores the book and promoted the heck out of it.

It can happen, and it does. Fingers crossed for you.