Wednesday, 5 September 2007

How to look good on TV

So your book is released, you've done your PR (or someone has) and you've got such a good hook that, hurrah, they want you to appear on TV. There's five second joy then you start to worry about what to wear. Check out the link. Basically it says:

Don't wear black or white or red
Don't wear patterns
Dark solid colours are slimming
Make sure you are comfortable in your clothes
Dress for heat under the lights
Avoid flashy or jangley jewelery
Wear strong makeup, more than usual (we're generally talking girls here or politicians)
Wear powder - shiny is bad
Smile - not like an idiot but like you're not miserable
V necks are the most flattering - again with the girls.
Try to minimise hand and head movement without appearing wooden and stilted, gestures should be smaller.
Yes you do sound like that when you talk/ look like that - live with it.
Don't assume anyone will have read the book, just the blurb.
Bring a copy of the book with you for the camera.
Plan what you are going to say ahead of time, think memorable soundbites that grab the attention.


CTaylor said...

No black? No BLACK?! But I live in black. Right, that's it - am abandoning my dreams of becoming a world famous tv-interviewed author immediately! ;o)

CTaylor said...

p.s. Thanks so much for linking to my blog in one of your earlier posts.

econgirl said...

Surely a writer *has* to wear black at *all* times???