Saturday, 8 September 2007

Do the Write Thing

Here is the blurb for Do the Write Thing. It is being shelved in unusual places in the bookshops I've checked so do ask. It should be in Newly Released or Irish Writing but can sometimes be found in the murky corner known as literature/writing along with Macbeth and The Artists and Writers Yearbook! So please, this book is in a good cause and everything, if you see it lurking, please move a few copies somewhere visible. Is this illegal?

"Do The Write Thing" was a popular series of creative writing coaching slots by bestselling author Patricia Scanlan, broadcast on Seoige & O’Shea’s RTÉ ONE talk show. The winners of the subsequent short story competition are collected in this remarkable anthology. The stories are vital, honest, perceptive and witty, the very best from hundreds of first-time writers who responded to the call. They mine the full range of human experience and give us a fresh and unforgettable view of the diverse and lively society we live in today. From bridal bliss to married desperation, from the harrowing to the hilarious, the utterly heartrending to the deliciously upbeat, these stories will hold you spellbound. Published by Poolbeg, all royalties from 'Do The Write Thing' go to the National Breast Cancer Research Institute.

Do the right thing and treat yourself to this hugely enjoyable collection!

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econgirl said...

"if you see it lurking, please move a few copies somewhere visible. Is this illegal?"

When I used to work in a bookstore, it amazed me the number of writers who would come in and shuffle their book around to the front of a table :) There is no excuse for misdisplayed books though (another of my pet hates is fiction on the non-fiction tables and vice versa!)