Thursday, 13 September 2007

Little Black Dress

Another publisher who is accepting unsolicited submissions. They publish contemporary romantic comedy aimed at age 20 to 35. Click on the link for the guidelines. 60-80,000 word manuscripts. I would recommend doing your homework and reading some before considering submitting.
On the submission guidelines it seems they want the whole novel but elsewhere they say first 3 chapters, synopsis and letter including writing CV.

The workshop for young writers described a couple of days ago has been cancelled. Not enough take up. Possibly not enough publicity. There's definitely a demand.

How this for a book review?!

Harsh as it may sound, there is really only one credible line in the entire book:

'Even now, even as I write this, I can hear sensible people groan'.

Those sensible people will spend a lot of time groaning if they last from cover to cover.

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Bear said...

I absolutely lovely the Little Black Dress books, I'd love to see my novels in their collection!

Thanks for checking out my blog! I think yours is fab!