Monday, 10 September 2007

Windows Publications Introductions 7

Windows Publications is a Cavan based publishers supported by Cavan County Council and Cavan Crystal. They publish every year or so an anthology of emerging writers, 3 or 4 for short stories and 8 to 10 for poetry as well as a couple of artists. This year they've chosen me and 6 or 7 of my poems as a representative sample of my collection. Yay! A reading in Cavan in October followed by one in Dublin and Galway for all. No money but lots of glory.
I wonder who else was accepted. Let me know if it's you or someone you hear of.

Movie extras update. Since I took up my full time employment, taking me out of the Monday to Friday availability, I have been asked for my availability for shoots 3 times.


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Wendy Mooney said...

Hi there, and thanks for the comment on my blog. Yes, I'm in it but with 3 poems so big congrats to you. My email is How the hell did you recognise my style of writing though or did you just know I was in the book?? Very curious...Wendy