Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Worrying article about buyers

Worrying article about book buyers. Basically women buy nearly all the books and if they stop, we're in trouble.
The typical American reads 4 books a year. One in four reads none. I wonder what the comparative numbers are for the UK and for Ireland. I read somewhere that the UK reads more books per head of population.

It goes on to say that men only account for 20% of the fiction market in the US. That's what I've noticed in bookshops and at home. Himself reads mainly non-fiction.

But more than a third of adults in the UK say they never buy books. Is someone else buying books for them or are they curviving without? 34% say they don't read books. Are these the same people or are there people who buy books and don't read them (certainly) and people who read books but don't buy them (almost certainly)

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econgirl said...

There's no way I could live on 4 books a year! :D Nice photo, oh ow I remember Paris :)