Monday, 21 September 2009

Do you do erotic?

Speak Only To Me is a US based web publisher of erotic and romance audio books and short erotic stories for women. They pay very well. Maybe I should ditch this literary stuff and get down and dirty.

They want steamy stuff, 1500-4000 words written to be read aloud. Serialisations can contain ideally 5-6 short stories of 1500 - 2500 words. Novels to be a min of 10 chapters, max of 15 (2-3k words each). Explicit language to be minimal. (Euphemisms abound?) They rate stories' hotness using chilis.

One Chilli
Text is romantic and can depict a range of sexual intimacies and erotic situations, while excluding explicit language. This level is most suitable for Erotic Romance stories and Erotic Meditations.

Two Chillies
Text also contains romantic themes, but uses creative alliteration to describe more adventurous sexual encounters in their entirety and very definitely in close-up whilst avoiding the use of explicit language.

Three Chillies
Text is definitely ‘out there’ and sexually highly charged, and may contain explicit language; bearing in mind that explicit language must be relevant and preferably minimal.

Even when considering the differing levels of sexual encounter, remember that each story must be erotic from the very outset. Cut to the chase. Creative use of locations, highly charged situations, engaging characters, humour and visuals can play a big part in foreshadowing a satisfying erotic sexual experience.

Payment 10cents (US) per word. They also take non-fiction (gulp) and other articles. Check out full guidelines here.

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Glynis said...

Mmm, tempting but it would be a very new challenge for me.