Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Mentoring for young writers and directors in Kildare

Kildare County Council and Riverbank Arts Centre, in association with Fishamble Theatre Company are looking for emerging writers and directors (up to age 25) from Kildare, to take part in a new mentoring programme.

The programme will take place over a period of ten months, and will have two strands.

Strand 1: Writers

Participants will work with Gavin Kostick, Literary officer with Fishamble Theatre Company, to look at different writing styles and techniques to assist their creative development.

The mentor will also offer constructive criticism and feedback on all work created in that time.

Strand 2: Directors

Participants will work with a professional director to look at directing processes and techniques. Part of the mentoring programme will also include directing master classes with Jim Culleton, Artistic Director with Fishamble Theatre Company. Artists will also be encouraged to direct throughout the programme in order for their mentor to offer personal feedback on their particular directing style and to assist their creative development.

This programme will commence in October / November 2009.

Deadline: October 15th 2009 at 5pm.

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Susan Taylor Brown said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and letting me know you enjoyed the series on writing poetry with incarcerated teens. You can't know but the timing of your comment was perfect, just when I most needed some kind words.

Good luck with your many poetry projects.

Susan Taylor Brown
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