Friday, 11 September 2009

How to Write the Perfect Travel Article

I've been researching travel writing, an ambition of mine since I was in school. How come I've never tried to write one since last month? I don't know.

I stumbled upon a website called simonseeks that publishes travel articles and shares the profits from any advertising with the writers. Has anyone tried this? The owner is Simon Nixon, founder of lucrative websites Moneysupermarket and Travelsupermarket. Their how to write page is a good summary.

Anyway, here are some useful links, somewhat US biased:

ehow How to Write Travel Articles

How To Write the Perfect Travel Article by Martin Lee, a London based traveller.

One from Creative Non Fiction

The Crafty Writer has a good post.

and lastly How to Write a Bad Travel Article which covers all the bases, and some.

Give a glimpse of life and culture in that place.
Give a detailed account, don’t generalise. Bring the place to life.
Create atmosphere.
Check and double check your facts
Be descriptive but don’t use cliches or too many adjectives.
Write a good hook to get your reader into the article.
A facts panel, how to get there, where to stay, where to eat is useful.
Pictures are vital - take lots.

1 comment:

Julie P said...

Hi, Emerging Writer.

I've never considered travel writing as I don't really travel anywhere! But reading your post I think it would be a good excuse for me to go out to places and experience new areas of the country I've never been before.

I think I'm going to give it a go - I won't be writing about places outside of the UK as I've never been abroad as I'm terrified of flying and don't like boats!! Some travel writer I'd make eh?!!

Good luck with your writing endeavours