Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Sunday Times Short Story Competition

The Sunday Times EFG Private Bank Short Story Award.

The authors must have been previously published in the UK or Ireland. The author must include a list of his or her most recently published work including the publisher, date of publication and ISBN or ISSN.

...must have had works of prose, drama or poetry published by a UK or Irish publisher. excluding self-publishing or established print magazine in UK or Ireland. Broadcast by UK or Irish national TV or radio station. Established meaning it's been publishing regularly for at least 12 months and is not self-published. Online is also excluded.

Details here

Deadline: November 30, 2009

The winner will be announced at a special event at the Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival in March next year.

Prizes: The winner will receive £25,000, making this competition the largest prize for an individual short story in the world. (So all and sundry will enter, the good, the bad and the published anyway) There are prizes of £500 each for the five runners up.

Judges: Lynn Barber, Nick Hornby, A.S. Byatt, Hanif Kureishi, Lord Matthew Evans, Andrew Holgate

Maximum 7,000 words. One entry per person.

Fee: Looks like it's free.


Results are here.

• Richard Beard - James Joyce, EFL Teacher
• Nicholas Best - Souvenir
• Sylvia Brownrigg - Jocasta
• John Burnside - Slut's Hair
• Will Cohu - Nothing But Grass
• Joe Dunthorne - Critical Responses To My Last Relationship
• Petina Gappah - An Elegy for Easterly
• Jackie Kay - Reality, Reality
• A.L. Kennedy - Saturday Teatime
• Adam Marek - Fewer Things
• Charles Mosley - Constraint
• Chris Paling - The Red Car
• Ron Rash - Burning Bright
• Simon Robson - Will There Be Lions?
• Kay Sexton - Anubis and the Volcano
• Helen Simpson - Diary of an Interesting Year
• C.K. Stead - Last Season's Man
• Rose Tremain - The Jester of Astapovo
• Gerard Woodward - Legoland
• David Vann - It's Not Yours

Some pretty well known names here.


Lily Sheehan said...

Thanks for posting this. I think I am eligible but am soooo busy getting the novel finished. I'm adding to my favourites though!

Brian said...

Does being published in a college magazine, Dublin short story magazine and Dublin newspaper count for this competition?

Emerging Writer said...

They say "established print magazine in UK or Ireland"
so not a college magazine. What are the other two?

Brian said...

The other two are a Rathmines newspaper and a cork paper. I know it needs to be some sort of fiction as such but that kinda limits the market and been working on this for a month or two now.

Emerging Writer said...

I don't think a newspaper would count, reading what they say. You could send it in anyway but I would save it for the Stinging Fly or Southword in January.

Emerging Writer said...

Results are out here http://entertainment.timesonline.co.uk/tol/arts_and_entertainment/books/article6817172.ece