Saturday, 12 September 2009

Interesting Links

Writer Beware, a thought provoking post on what to look for on writing competitions.

What is Flarf Poetry?

I'm a little bit dodgy fanboy

Is this Flarf - ably read by Mr William Shatner.

The Poetry Biz-ness US style.

Day in the life of a women'smagazine story editor at Womag Writer.

The Intern on self publishing.

Super photos here at GlassAlley.

Dermot Bolger thoughts on how to write a novel in the Irish Times

Why do you want to be a writer? From Backspace

Legend Press to publish half a book. The reader has to finish it. Why?

Make your own Luck. (What kind of a recipe would that be? An ounce of nous, a whole hunk of persistence, a truckload of talent...)

Reader please supply meaning at Jum Murdoch's Truth About Lies

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Anonymous said...

Hi there - Like your site. Lots of good resources. I'm, er, emerging too.
Where did you get your book progress measuring device? I was smugly congratulating myself on having written more words than you, but then reflected that your 40+k words might well be excellent ones. And mine... Well.. Mine have also taken what sometimes seems like an age.
So I'm probably less of an emerging, and more of a struggling.
(At the moment I'm struggling to even type with a lovely girl of seven on my knee. But as she is so lovely, that's fine.)
Any advice gratefully received.