Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Troubadour Poetry Prize 2009

Judges: Maura Dooley and Jamie McKendrick
They say both judges will read all poems submitted, which has become somewhat of a rarity.

1st prize £1000, 2nd £500, 3rd £250, & 20 prizes@ £20 each
a spring 2010 coffee-house poetry season ticket
a coffee-house poetry reading
with Maura Dooley & Jamie McKendrick
on Monday 30th November 2009
for all winning poets

Deadline: Friday 9th October 2009

Website here

no longer than 45 lines

Fee: EITHER £5/€6/$8 per poem if fewer than 4 poems
OR £4/€5/$7 per poem if 4 or more poems submitted;

Snailmail or email.

Last year, all the winners and commendations came from England, bar one (from very near me) and lots of them from London, probably down to the prize of a reading.

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Emerging Writer said...

Winning poems and titles:

* First Prize, £1000: Mahler 9, Sue Rose
* Second Prize, £500: Eating Soup by the River, Tom Lowenstein
* Joint Third Prize, £125: Weeding My Sister, Carlotta Miller Johnston
* Joint Third Prize, £125: Liberian Pygmy Hippopotamus, David Gilbert

plus, with prizes of £20 each:

* Mutton Fat Jade, Edward Ragg
* Captains and the Kings, James Dufficy
* At Harefield Manor, Christopher North
* The Allegheny Hackle, Martin Haslam
* Three Deer, Michael McKimm
* The Atomic Swerve, Barry Taylor
* Valise, Tinker Mather
* In Fen Light, Pat Borthwick
* Sea Walker, Robert Saxton
* Night Shift at the Trifle Factory, Clare Kirwan
* The Missing, Kim Moore
* Prospect, Jane Draycott
* The Price of Chocolate, Noel Williams
* Property, Nina Boyd
* This is a Confessional Poem, Kathryn Maris
* The Musicologist and The Birdwatcher, Pam Zinneman-Hope
* North, Sandra Greaves
* Fallujah Birthdays, David Atkinson
* All Souls Day 2008, Miriam Obrey