Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Surfing links

Fifty-Two Poets - a blog about reading one collection a week and commenting on it.

Melancholy post about having to choose between writing, making money and family time from Declan Burke. Buy one of his books, if you haven't already, and cheer him up.

Bookwitch - blog worth reading.

Litdrift has Writing prompts.

How royalties work by Rachel Gardner, Literary Agent.

Hivemind. All your characters talk alike. Plain talking from i09.com.

Bards in the Bog from Shetland. We should SO do this here. Any takers?

International Writing Contents from Arts Grants Finder.com


Niamh Griffin said...

Ahh, I thought you'd headed over to the west for a surf but thanks for the tips anyhow! That film is probably one of the few that KReeves actually did some acting in?!

Uiscebot said...

Bog poetry is a great idea! We should meet up and discuss it asap!