Friday, 13 November 2009


I met a man who met Ernest Hemingway once, or he said he did. He met Marilyn Monroe too and Mike Tyson too. The world's a small place.

You too can meet someone who met Hemingway. There is a lecture on 18th November by Valerie Hemingway in the RDS,


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Valerie is a writer, living in the US but originally from Dublin, who met a certain Ernest in Spain in 1959. Their first meeting was as interviewer and subject, however the subject then hired Valerie as a personal secretary. She spent two years following him and his wife around France, Spain and Cuba as confidante and secret keeper. She even managed to pick up a husband along the way in the form of Hemingway’s son Dr. Gregory Hemingway.

Pop down to the RDS and hear these tales of a true adventurer. It’ll perk you up during the midweek slump and you might even learn a thing or two about one of America’s best writers.

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Titus said...

I suspect I'm the wrong side of a body of water, else I'd be there like a shot.