Sunday, 15 November 2009

Willesden Herald

The Willesden Herald Short story competition is now open.

Deadline: 18 December 2009.

Judge: Richard Peabody is a distinguished poet, author, lecturer on creative writing and editor of Gargoyle magazine. Shortlist chosen by Steve Moran.

How to enter here.

Word limit is a generous 8,000 words.

Fee: £3

The prizes for 2010 are:

1st place: £300 plus a one-off Willesden Herald mug inscribed "The Willesden Short Story Prize 2010"

2nd: 2 x £150 (two runners-up)

All ten short-listed stories will be included in "New Short Stories 4" to be published by Pretend Genius Press.

Author compensation for inclusion in New Short Stories is limited to 2 complimentary copies of the anthology.


Totalfeckineejit said...

Ooh! A Wilderness Herald mug! Where's me pen.

Emerging Writer said...

don't forget the immense fame that also comes with it...

Ossian said...

thanks for the link. and the priceless mug - that's the main prize, the unholy grail. it's a one-off trophy. somebody on the antiques spaceshow in 200 years will be asked to sit down as they tell them it's worth 5p.

Ossian said...

i like the car by the way. i was partly responsible for a certain amount of havoc in a car not dissimilar to that, back in the day. it was actually a spitfire convertible but it wasn't mine, i was only assistant havoc-maker. how does that hip-hop song go, 'i don't want no scrub hanging out the passenger side of his best friend's ride'. course that would have to be carefully translated into Eirglish.