Friday, 27 November 2009

I didn't win the Patrick Kavanagh Award


Where are these people going to see sense? Do I have to abandon the plan to win the Kavanagh before I get my first collection out there?

Have not even been shortlisted for the Troubadour Poetry prize nor Poetry Can. Back to the drawing board.

Don't think I've been shortlisted for the Varilux short story competition either. I just saw a twitter from 2 days ago from someone who was. No news is bad news.

And while I'm on the subject, I sent some really good poems to a minor poetry journal, thinking I was doing them a favour. Really. That's the kind of headspace I was in. Guess what? They rejected them. All of them. As if! That's the last time they get offered my fantastic work. More fool them, that's what I say. More fool.

And while I'm off subject somewhat, don't you think Robert Pattinson's hair has an unfortunate resemblance to Jedwards? Scary.

I'm off to eat chocolate...


Titus said...

"The misfortune of the wise is better than the prosperity of the fool."

Epicurus, I think. So have some chocolate.

Niamh B said...

Well I probably haven't won the Basil Bunting either. The most important thing is to keep going. Read an inspiring sweet little story today on Odds and Sods that you might like - link on my blog.

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Julie P said...

Chocolate is one of the best remedies I know for rejection - that and keep writing!

Commiserations but best wishes for your future endeavours


Dublin Dave said...

Hi EW - I feel I know you having read your wonderful blog over the last year so felt inclined to say something. I'm not big on posting much (more a lurker) but I think every writer out there knows the feeling you are talking about. It is constantly a cycle of rejection and success - you left out of the equation that you are of course nominated for the Hennessey this year (and your story is great) and have been published in all sorts of prestigious magazines (probably much better than the one that didn't see your worth). Forget about all the other stuff! The best thing to do is to just focus on the positives as much as possible. Sorry to be so trite but I do think its true.

Peter Goulding said...

Hi Kate,
Seeing as my invitation to this evening's presentation hasn't arrived, I presume that I haven't won either. And I had a load of ways of spending that €1000 too.
But with your other successes, I wouldn't be too downhearted. Its a lot worse for us poor sods with no talent!

P Nolan said...

Hard Luck. You should follow my proactive trickery - i.e. I didn't enter this year- hahaHHHH! - take that Kavanagh competition posse - you've been served!

Did anyone enter that Dart poetry competition ? They were supposed to announce results in October - but not a peep?

Totalfeckineejit said...

Hey Kate, I DID win it,The Kavanagh, can you believe it!

Totalfeckineejit said...

OOps no sorry I DIDN'T win it. DID, and DIDN'T, I'm always getting them two mixed up. Bit like a Bishop.

Emerging Writer said...

Thanks for all your comments. For some reason, I'm not that down about it all. I have two poems coming in Orbis soon so that's a positive. And some other things over the year so I'm pretty good. Just sending out a wad of stuff again so fingers crossed.

PJ Dart winners were announced ages ago, not exactly fireworks.

P Nolan said...

Oops - how'd I miss that? Ah well, there goes any hope of a christmas bonus ;-/

Well done on Orbis!