Sunday, 8 November 2009

Some links worth surfing

Indulge yourself. Nibble on these.

How can good new writers be published when the industry is ruled by people who aren't interested in originality? from the Guardian

Sunday Washup of writing related links from Andy Shack.

Titus the dog. Blog from the Scottish Poet, Joanne McKay.

Magma Poetry Magazine

Blog from Matt Bolton on his world view.

42 Essential third act Twists. Brilliant. Which do you recognise?

Warning from Quiller's Place about Chapter One Promotions.

How not to run a Literary Festival by Amanda Craig.


LilyS said...

Thanks for the links! will check them out tonight and add to my ever expanding list of useful website. Must add to my blog so they are all in one place

Titus said...

Coo! Thanks for the link.