Monday, 30 November 2009

Write This

This is a paying market ... but only for short stories. They say

We are now paying our writers - except for the poets who might be the only good thing in the issue (i don't know) but the poet always gets screwed. They accept this as the blessing of their profession and we wouldn't want to deny them.

Sorry, mate. That's not even funny. That's pathetic.

If you want to submit a short story, here's the latest theme.

the blasphemy issue - issue 4.8
Opening Date: October 22nd
Closing Date: December 1st
Publication Date: December 21st

Summation: You love God. You hate God. We won't judge. Come to us to with your devotions, your confessions, or your proclamations. Or come to us with your disdain, your warnings. Bring us your Goddesses and Nymphs. Jesuses. Or your Darwins. Your Hubbardwacks. Your when you're dead you're dead. We don't care. And join together, one and all, in what shall be a heartwarming dialogue of "Fuck God." "Fuck God? No. God is Great. Fuck you." We will choose fairly from the pro god and anti god camps. No agnostics please.


Jessica Maybury said...

damn it I wish I'd seen this earlier

Ossian said...

They will pay. I think it's just that some of the contributors are part of the magazine so a little bit of fun has been had at their expense. It's a bit chaotic but we (yes, I'm on the board, believe it or not) had a policy of paying for contributions and I don't think it has changed. However, please confirm to your own satisfaction if in doubt. I suggest something like "I'm sending this for the moola so don't give me any of that hard luck story crap." We're also skint but that's our problem.