Friday, 20 November 2009

Bad Sex Awards

As in written about Bad Sex. I've personally written sex badly and written bad sex quote badly too. Here's the nominees for this year.

Paul Theroux’s A Dead Hand (Hamish Hamilton)
Philip Roth’s The Humbling (Jonathan Cape),
Anthony Quinn’s The Rescue Man (Jonathan Cape),
Jonathan Littell’s The Kindly Ones (Chatto),
Amos Oz’s Rhyming Life and Death (Chatto),
Nick Cave’s The Death of Bunny Munro (Canongate),
John Banville’s The Infinities (Picador),
Simon Van Booy’s Love Begins in Winter (Beautiful Books),
Sanjida O’Connell’s The Naked Name of Love (John Murray)
Richard Milward’s Ten Storey Love Song (Faber).

All men except for Dr Sanjida O'Connell who I'm pretty sure is a woman. Strange that.

The lucky winner will be announced on 30th November.

Rachel Johnson won last year for Shire Hell (Penguin), while John Updike was awarded a lifetime achievement, having been nominated four years in a row.

P.S. I'm hoping for an increase in hits for this post!


Totalfeckineejit said...

Maybe the women just faked it?

Anonymous said...

Wow... the literary community's sense of humor never ceases to astound me... In a good way! :)

I'm looking forward to hearing who the winner is.