Saturday, 8 May 2010

Bealtaine Workshop in The Hugh Lane Gallery

I will be teaching a workshop this Sunday 9th May at 3pm as part of the Bealtaine festival at the Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin. I think you are supposed to be a bit wrinkly to join in but I promise not to look too closely if you are slightly more youthful. It does say participants will be encouraged to express themselves through their own personal memories and life experiences. Open to new or more experienced writers, young and old.

Free in

I'm going to be talking about using art as an impetus for some poetry with lots of examples. There are loads of sites with ideas for this. Here are some ekphrastic poems I've read in preparation for this:

- Musee des Beaux Arts - Auden
- Landscape with the Fall of Icarus - William Carlos Williams
- Anne Sexton’s Starry Night also here on Youtube
- Wendy Cope’s The Uncertainty of The Poet
- Lawrence Ferlengetti's Short Story on a Painting of Gustav Klimt
- Not My Best Side - UA Fanthorpe
- Derek Mahon's Courtyards in Delft
- The MEeting on The Turret Stars - Paul Durcan

Here are some good links Intertextuality
The Poet Speaks of Art


Anonymous said...

This sounds really great - hope it goes well! Unfortunately I'm hiding out down in de Rebel County but maybe next time:)

Emerging Writer said...

How about Monday night Glor at the International Bar, Dublin? Or Friday night Caca Milis Wexford? Hope you can make it to one or both!

Karen said...

Wish I could be there! I guess since Padhraig's prompt for the bus fits right in here, I'll be there in spirit. Certainly would qualify in the wrinkle department (and actually wrote one about Brueghal's Fall of Icarus, too, a year of so ago).