Friday, 28 May 2010

Waterstone’s Perfectly Formed Short Story Competition

Missed this one earlier. From the lovely Diva in making Eimear Ryan.

2,000 words or less (shouldn't this be fewer? call yourself a bookshop)
Writers have to be "over 18 and haven’t had fiction professionally published before"

What does that mean exactly? What kind of fiction? A short story in a mag? That's paid?

Judged by: Waterstone’s booksellers; the Books Quarterly and teams; Arvon Centre Director Claire Berliner; Editorial Director Will Atkins of Pan Macmillan and its top Macmillan New Writing discoveries, James McCreet, Ann Weisgarber and Brian McGilloway:

Prize: Publication in the October issue of Books Quarterly; a publisher’s lunch at Pan Macmillan; £200 worth of Pan Macmillan books; a week-long creative writing course at the Arvon Foundation.

Fee: Free
Deadline: 1 July 2010

See the website.

They say:

Entrants cannot have had fiction professionally published previously: specifically, ‘professionally published’ meaning in book or eBook format produced by a professional publisher and available to the general public for a charge. This definition excludes self-published books or stories published in newspapers or magazines, but includes anthologies.


Simon Kewin said...

Thanks for that - interesting! And, yep, it should be "fewer" ...

eimearryan said...

Thanks for the link! In the fine print I think "professionally published" excludes journals but includes anthologies. Yes, it is confusing.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat after me. Enry fee , free, entry fee, free. And relax.
Anyone that HASNt been publo in any mag etc , me is thinking.So that is YOU -Hennessy short listed genius- OUT, and me, hopeless bollix never publo ,(fictionwise),IN.

Emerging Writer said...

Open to anyone who hasn't had fiction published in a book, including anthologies...