Friday, 14 May 2010

Poetry Divas Ride Again

This time to Wexford so if you're anywhere near Wexford town Friday night, please come and see us. We've 2 cracking 10 minute sets as part of the justifiably famous Caca Milis cabaret at the Wexford Arts Centre. Starts at 9pm. They've a super lineup for this month's 'European Cabaret'

When: Friday 14th May 2010 9pm
Where: Caca Milis cabaret at the Wexford Arts Centre
Entrance:  €8

MC Helena Mulkerns coordinates the Cáca Milis - meaning "Sweetcake" in the Irish language - and keeps it deliberatly recession friendly,with admission only €8, economic bar, and special guests to be announced each time. The Cabaret features emerging talent from the South East and around the country.

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Susan said...

Have a great time at Caca Milis (H is a friend of mine) I was there last month, will miss it this month but you will have a great time!