Sunday, 16 May 2010

Fingal Libraries - Pat Boran reading

I had a dream with Pat Boran in it. (famous poet and poetry editor) We were discussing a poem of mine, a long one, and it was absolutely brilliant. Pat said so. And I knew it was a dream so I was desparately trying to remember it before I woke up. But I couldn't.

He's reading in Blanchardstown library. Maybe I'll go along and tell him. Although what would he say?

Pat Boran, reads his memoir 'The Invisible Prison: Scenes from an Irish Childhood' 

When: Thurs. 20th May @ 7pm : 

Where: Blanchardstown Library. 

Call 01 8905563


Titus said...

Oh pants! Maybe a hypnotherapist...?

Emerging Writer said...

it's worth a try. It was a brilliant poem.