Tuesday, 25 May 2010

More Links

Really interesting post about how publishers use Amazon reviewers, posted by one of my favrouite bloggers that I don't know in person, The Intern.

How to Write a Movie from Frank Cottrell in the Guardian. Good tips, some quirky but applicable to much writing.

30 famous authors who were rejected, some repeatedly, some rudely. The problem with these type of articles is they're supposed to make you feel better if you've been rejected (see recent tweets) but all I can think is how many thousands and thousands of writers have been rejected repeatedly and rudely because they're rubbish at writing. Although who in their right mind would reject The Princess Diaries? I love them.

World's 5 richest authors in terms of money.

Writing a short stories, sections by numbers from The View from the Blue House

Extreme face down

Dermot Bolger suggests here that the recession can be good for the arts.


Dave King said...

I thought that most of the rubbish writers got accepted.

Emerging Writer said...

From talking to publishers, some rubbish writers do get accepted but wheelbarrrowloads of worse rubbish writers don't

Titus said...

Being a complete Essex chrematomaniac, I went straight to the 5 richest. No Dan Brown?

colleen said...

And here is a list of famous authors who self-published http://www.simonteakettle.com/famousauthors.htm

Here by way of Poetkat. http://looseleafnotes.com