Friday, 7 May 2010

Magma call for Poems about Beauty

Do you have a poem or two along the theme of beauty? Magma, a great UK poetry magazine is looking for such submissions.

They say:

We’re not necessarily looking for beautiful poems because no-one can set out to write such a thing – they may turn out beautiful or not – but rather, poems about the experience of finding something beautiful. 

Laurie Smith, editor of Magma 48, with Rob A Mackenzie as assistant editor, invites you to submit poems stimulated by anything connected with ‘it was beautiful’ as well as poems on other subjects.  Please send any queries about the theme to the editors at

Deadline: 16 July 2010.

Please see the Contributions page for details of how to submit your poems.


oliveobrien1978 said...

It's great to know about all these competitions. Can I ask you...where do you come across them, is there a website where competitions, submission requirements are listed?

Emerging Writer said...

I'm on loads of mailing lists, blogger, twitter and facebooks. Plus I subscribe to Mslexia magazine. Sometimes organisers contact me directly.

Dreary Mouse said...

Thanks for sharing this. I am getting the marketing itch again and have so many writing projects to pitch. Poetry is always fun for me. :)