Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Field Hospital @ Kilmainham Arts Festival

When: 27 August · 15:00 - 18:00

Where: Grounds of the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Kilmainham, Dublin

we answer to no grey South / Nor blue North, not self defence / The lie of just wars..." -- Paul Muldoon, "The Field Hospital"

Spoken word performances for difficult times, featuring artists from Ireland, Britain & the United States. 3-6pm, Field Hospital tent, IMMA.

Triage with Dave Lordan, Cah-44 and Boris Belony
A natural disaster, and American Serge Gainsbourg and a phallologularcentrist. They'll tell you what's wrong all right.

Surgery with Erin Fornoff, Raven, John McKeown, Lucien Zell, and Amy Leigh Cutler
Skillful scalpels, soothing bedside manners from some of the best hands in the business.

Recovery with The Poetry Chicks.
Abby Oliviera and Pamela Brown's powerfully composed, dazzlingly executed performances will leave you in fighting form.

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