Friday, 26 August 2011

On The Farm

Poetry and Farming. A match made in Galway.

On the Farm present - Mixed Grazing.

When: Saturday October 1st 12 pm

Where: Held on a family farm in Ballinderreen South Galway in a corner of a field under the trees over-looking a turlough.
Event not weather permitting.
  • Susan Lindsay; poetry 
  • Colm Brady; fiction
  • Mike and Sue Fahy; music
  • Eleanor Tiernan; comedy
  • Anthony Daly; theatre
  • M.C Mags Treanor.
Refreshments served and it’s Free.

For more info: 087 9139698
Facebook: On the Farm


Titus said...

This is the stuff culture is made of. Yay for those farmers!

Emerging Writer said...

I know. I love these crossover things. What's next? Poetry and ... supermarkets (poem in a shop month) or poetry and ... insurance offices ... police ... garages