Sunday, 7 August 2011


This is an intriguing sounding project that's in its early stages. Check out the vids and recordings so far here. Full of charm, madness, historical insight and poignancy. They're always looking for more.

Storymap is run by Tom Rowley and Andy Flaherty, two filmmakers from Dublin. The idea is simple. We find interesting stories about the city, film them being told in the relevant spot, and then upload and integrate the stories on an online map (

The stories range widely - from personal to historical, funny to tragic, drunken misadventure to romantic encounter - and all illuminate a different facet of Dublin life. The result is a website which gives a vision of Dublin by Dubliners, and highlights the remarkable stories that lie beneath every Dublin street - across centuries, generations, nationalities.

Also, in it's own way, we think it's a very fresh way to preserve the untold history of places - the type of memories and peculiar history that are often overlooked and neglected. In a sense it's like one big pub, and we're inviting the city of Dublin to come share their stories in it.

We're constantly collecting new stories, and release one new story a week. We see this as an ongoing project that'll grow and grow, and we aim to have at least one story for every street in the city. We usually collect stories in a number of ways - by rambling around the city and popping into interesting spots, researching dublin history and meeting with dublin historians, attending storytelling and spoken word nights, and by seeking out interesting characters in the city to tell us stories. We love to hear from people, and are always available to meet and chat if you email us at

We launched the website in February. Since then the project has gotten great feedback, with articles in the Irish Independent, Irish Times, and features on Newstalk with Tom Dunne, RTE’s Capital D, and Dublin city FM. We've been running without any funding, and we're currently looking for some support to develop an iPhone app.


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