Saturday, 6 August 2011

Poets Meet Painters 2011 - winners

Poets Meet Painters 2011
The anthology of the successful entries from this year's competition was launched at a reception and reading at Mill Cove Gallery and Sculpture Garden on 30 July

Gabriel Griffin, 'The singing sounds of sea', inspired by Listen by Ian Humphreys;

Second place
Michael Scott, 'My Grandad made trains (I never met my Grandad)', inspired by No ticket required by Alfred Roch;

Third place
John Baylis Post, 'Did I tell you', inspired by Listen by Ian Humphreys;

Highly commended
Heather Freckleton, 'Getting the measure of the moon', inspired by Laughter by Marianne Klopp;
Patrick Toland, 'A house in Tabgha', inspired by Spoons by Anne Nidecker;
Breda Wall Ryan, 'The laying of the bog', inspired by Bog Vista II and other works by Niall Wright;
John Baylis Post, 'DB', inspired by First Snows, Beara by Monica Groves;
Rachel Woolf, 'Rite of passage', inspired by Sodden by Niall Wright;
Noel Connor, 'Inventing blue', inspired by Untitled 2 by John Brennan;
Maria Merking, 'Padre', inspired by Turning Head by Sonia Caldwell;
Michael Ray, 'Purse', inspired by Seaform V by Ana Duncan;
Afric McGlinchey, 'Sea thing', inspired by Sea form I by Ana Duncan;
Mark Blayney, 'Glimpse', inspired by Early Morning Light by Aidan Flanagan;
Eleanor Hooker, 'Is that me?', inspired by Is That Me? by Petr Holocek;
Siobhán Flynn, 'These shoes can change your life', inspired by Red Shoes by Nicola Slattery;
Afric McGlinchey, 'Rebellion', inspired by Red Shoes by Nicola Slattery;
Cathy Leonard, 'Reclaiming', inspired by Sleeping Woman by Nicola Slattery;

Winner (school student)
Aoife Troxel, 'Fishing', inspired by Crest by Ana Duncan;

Second place (school student)
Rachael Elphick, 'Perception', inspired by Resting by Betina Seitz.


Aoife.Troxel said...

The award ceremony was actually quite interesting this year. Almost all of the artists who created the inspirational pieces were there and had a little something to say. Last year Anne Nidecker - the artist who created the work I used - wasn't there. I heard her speak this year (as her Spoons inspired Patrick Toland) and I was able to put a face to the name, although I didn't meet her.
Ana Duncan was also there, and it was nice to meet the artist behind Crest, which is a lovely piece. She was very nice and she said her series of similar work was to do with the struggle between man and the sea, as was my poem.
It is a great competition, which I can only see getting bigger and better.

Emerging Writer said...

Thanks very much for the review aoife and congratulations. This is the first year I'd heard of it.