Saturday, 20 August 2011

Poetry Divas at Electric Picnic

Are you going to Electric Picnic this year? GO.

Yes, The Poetry Divas are on The Word Stage around lunchtime on Saturday 3rd September.
This year the line up includes Kate Dempsey, Maeve O'Sullivan and Triona Walsh as well as special guest appearance by the fabulous-ness that is Sarah Maria Griffin.

Mindfield is the best. All sorts of shanaigans. The list is here

There's so much to look forward to apart from ourselves

  • Writers: John Banville, Roddy Doyle and Kevin Barry on the Arts Council Literary Stage
  •  inspiring Ignite talks in the Ignition Stage 3pm Saturday and Sunday
  • the soothing sounds of the Brad Pitt Light Orchestra who were excellent last year. Uplifting
  • Poets Leanne O’Sullivan, Colm Keegan, Sarah Maria Griffin, Dave Lordan, Abby Oliveira, Michael O’Loughlin letting loose
  • The Glor Sessions outside of the International Bar
  • Cuirt International Literary Festival in a tent. Hello Galwegians!
  • Nighthawks undoubtedly with a clever mix
  • Brownbread Mixtapes hilarious and shocking, just the way we like brown bread
Also Cáca Milis Cabaret with Helena Mulkerns rounding off each evening with sophisticated song, dance and lyricism which INCLUDES the Poetry DIVAS, yes again! Saturday night.


Mari G said...

Hi Kate
I searched for Poetry Divas last year & ended up at Poetry Chicks...must do better this year, esp now that I know exactly where you are!
(that is, if the mundanities of domestication allow me to escape to EP in the first place)

Paddiescript said...

FAB! Great that the word tent is so strong!
Another topic really - but - perhaps you could write something about poetry competitions that market themselves as for 'emerging' or 'new' writers? I entered one and the long list reveals a host of published writers, well known and well established performance poets, winners of prestigious competitions such as Hennesey and Fish. Also a good number of local poets, known to the organisers. I won't be entering with them again - but I do feel cheated. I am emerging/unpublished/new at this writing game, obviously I should include 'naive' to that list. Any wise words, as you have moved beyond emerging yourself, now you are staring at electric picnic.
(I saw this competition on your blog, and followed the link, I am a 'follower' of your excellent blog)
Tanx, SNP

Emerging Writer said...

Hi Mari, Well the Poetry Chicks are well worth a look anyway! Hope to see you this picnic.

Emerging Writer said...

Well Paddie, Thanks for following! Would you like to name the competition? I certainly get what you're saying.

A couple of things to bear in mind
- some competitions exclude writers who are previously published/have a collection
- the bigger the prize, the more enter it.
- the more prestigious the prize/ more well known, the more likely widely published writers will enter (they don't always win)
- the more local a competition, the more chance they will favour the locals.
In all cases, if you can check the previous winners, that should give you an idea of your chances

Titus said...

Go Divas Go! Bit pants not actually being able to see you.